Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been so busy with work and wedding that is all I do. We are counting down the days it is coming so fast. I am getting more excited and nerves. I finally got the Proposal up on youtube it took awhile. I tried to edit so you only saw the actual proposal but I couldn’t so you get to see 1 minute of me totally oblivious at dinner and Cody trying to figure out the camera. It is very fun I love watching it. We are going to get our engagements taken soon but I keep holding out for good weather. Then we will get out our invitation. After that we are done for the most part until the big day. I’m sure there will be some more things come up I haven't thought of yet.
I am trying to think of what else has been going on besides that I have been all over with work doing different conferences. It is very fun I love to travel. I have changed job positions well I really just added to what I do. I’m trying to adjust but very excited.

(I will post the link to the Video cause I don’t know how to post it, and not sure I want to spend the time to figure it out. )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

San Diego'09

We went on a little trip down to San Diego. We go down to the dessert and play around and then go to Motor Cross on Saturday. I had been waiting for this trip for a while, warm weather, no work, and no wedding planning. Just playing around being lazy. We finally made it Tuesday afternoon, after driving all night, getting stuck in a blizzard and ice storm. We gat all set up and headed out on our first ride of the trip. We went out to a place called the Reef. It is a tall sand hill will steep climbs up the front for the bikes. Around the side you can go up top with the Rhinos. I was watching Cody, J and Burk. I decided to go with Cody I fallowed him up the side one top no problems. Then I started down I turned trying to miss a rock on the left hand side and hit the right ledge, Which then tipped me to the left and then rolling over and around. When I finally stop rolling and screaming Cody was there he had watched the whole thing. I was hanging by my seatbelt. By this time everyone was headed up they saw Cody drop his bike, which means bad news. The guys had to tip it back up. The best part was I was headed down hill and by the time I was done rolling it was facing uphill. I got in and drove it down we were all there talking about what happened. My left foot and ego were all that got injured. Cody then asked everyone to leave he wants to have a word with his fiancĂ©. I was worried. Not really we were both shaken up. I was fine we went on with the day. The next morning my foot would not fit in my shoe and I couldn’t put any weight on it. I tried to get back in bed and could not. We then decided I needed to have it looked at I was worried it was broken and all I could think about is having crutches at my wedding. We drove 30-45 min to Browley the next town. In the ER they took X- rays. The doctor said it was just really buries he had the radiologist look at it cause of the way my foot looked. I was relieved. I then felt stupid for going in. Up to this point I hadn’t called my mom. I had to for the insurance I was a little nerves. She was not happy after she found out I was okay. She is claiming I am not allowed to go any more. (our first ER visit together)
I forgot to mention last year I rolled the 4-wheeler.
We got back to camp and things were good I just walked funny. I had crutches but I didn’t use them much. That day we went on a long ride it was so fun. I love it out there I had been grounded from diving at this point. We were headed in to camp and I was riding with Meg in the Rhino. She got a little to excited and turned way to sharp. I know as soon as she turned we where going over. We tipped over sliding on the ground. The cooler in the back spilled all over and a can broke open and was spraying me in the face. Once again I was there stuck by my seat belt getting sprayed in the face. I was fine I just climbed out. All the guys came running over and picked the Rhino up. The rest of the trip was great no major drama.Cody had found the perfect jump for the Rhino and was having so much fun. I decided not to join him with my luck this weekend. The things they do worry me. He will do any thing.

We cleaned up Friday morning headed in to San Diego. We headed in and cleaned up the best part a hot long shower. We went to dinner, and to Dave and Buster. It was colder than I wanted. We still went and tailgated, for a while. We took a blanket in and sweatshirts so help with the chill. It was a lot of fun I don’t know much about it all but I fake it. I know who is winning, losing and watch the crashes.

I loved the vacation but was ready to come home. We were doing good we got up and headed home. We got to LV around 5 stopped for food and potty break. Then back on the road. About 45 min out we blow a trailer tire. From here it all gets worse. The spare was flat we plow it up with a small bike pump, and then it had a hole. We made it to Mesquite but it was Sunday night at 8 no one was open and the tire was not fixable. WE called some roadside repair guy to come fix it, which cost more than I should have. I felt bad for Cody he was so tired by this point I tried my hardest to stay awake with him. We got home at 330 in the morning it took 191/2 hours to get home.
If you read all this I am surprised and it sounds like it had a great trip but really I had a great time I just thought it was funny how things turned out. I can’t wait till out next adventure.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pictures Finally!!!

So I finally got the pictures from Cody a month later, I'm a slacker. There were not very many to choose from. This was the best one we are both looking in the right direction at the same time.
With my big bag in the middle we were both so flustered. The video is the best and I don't know how to post that so sorry you'll just have to see it later. Now you all can see the mustache I was talking about. I guess you know your in love right.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Plans...

Wedding Plans...

Okay I said I would put up the pictures and I have not gotten them from Cody yet, he still has them on the camera. I will move that up on the list of things to do, which is getting very long. I have decided after two weeks of being engaged that this is a lot of work. I love it and can’t wait, but there are so many things to do. I might have to stay home and actually plan it. Between playing with friends and traveling with work it adds up. I am so lucky Cody wants to help or he claims he does. He helps with what ever he needs to make it easier on me. I think that’s just so I don't have a melt down. We are just getting things started like Where When Who etc... I am so excited we have had so much support and everyone offering to help. You need to be careful cause if you offer I will make you do something I have already started your assignments. My poor mom I think she might go crazy after all this. Every question she asks the answer is "I don’t know". I guess I was suppose to have more of an idea of what I wanted but I never did. We have narrowed down the colors and flowers.
I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I will try to get them up shortly, sorry. The pictures are so cute and the video is the best. I am the luckiest girl ever Cody is amazing to me and I love him the most....( that is for you babe)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

May 16th 2009
Sorry I put the wrong date

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes I know it is so exciting. I was totally surprised. We already had a trip planned with some of Cody’s friends to go to Las Vegas. It was a mustaches trip: all 5 boys had grown it for months. I didn’t see it coming we had a normal trip up till this point eating, shopping, and pedicures. During the Pedicures Meg and I were talking about how I am finding a place to live this summer and how Cody and I have talked marriage but never really when. She knew what was going on this whole time. Later w decided to go to dinner and a restaurant at Paris across from the Bellagio. We have been there before and love the food. Still he is acting normal. After dinner we walked over to see the water show. Some thing we do every time it is my favorite thing in Las Vegas. By now it was getting cold. His friends went out before us. I started to wonder what was going on cause things were a little odd. But I never thought he would ask that weekend. Cody clamming his head was cold and wanted to wait in side. When really his friends had gone out to clear out some people and get the camera ready. When we walked out to meet up with them they were waiting in one of the half circles. As soon as we got out by the wall he hugged me (collecting him self he was so nerves). Then the music and water started. We turned to face me and then I know exactly what was happening. I was so excited, nerves, surprised. I started hugging him he had to push me back a little so he could actually get down on one knee. I pulled out the ring box and opened it. I leaned down and kissed him. Then he asked "Paige will you marry me" I said YES. I think before he was done asking. I then pulled him up and hugged him partly so I wouldn't fall over. I never thought I would get to fluster. I was shaking and couldn't breathe. He was all shaky too. He then put my amazing ring on my finger. He had designed for me. I love it so much. The next thought was “I need to call my mom”; it was about 1140 there so 1240 at home so I didn't call. My mom is still upset I didn't call right then.

I do have the pictures and a video of it all his friend took but not here with me so I will get them up shortly… And yes he asked with the Mustache and I said YES. He thought about shaving it off but was afraid I would have figured out something was going on.

It has been crazy since all the decisions and question I don’t have answers to. We are trying to get the planning started. All we know as of now is the big day is May 15th 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I hope you all have wonderful Christmas.
(At my work party we sat with Santa, Making sure he had our lists.)